Avery’s Albino Magic Mushrooms

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Avery’s Albino Magic Mushrooms

Intended use – Traditional Micro Dosing/Macro Dosing (full effect, trip, etc.)

Recommended Dosages – Using a weighing device (scale) measure pieces of the mushrooms in order to reach intended micro dose amount.  Start small at 0.1g – 0.25g increase amount only after continually micro dosing for a week at an individuals chosen amount 1 – 2 times/day.  If an individual is looking for a Macro dose otherwise known as the psychedelic effect; consume in one sitting 1.25g – 2g (beginner), 2g – 4g (intermediate), 4-7 (experienced), 7g+ (Hero Dose!)

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Avery’s Albino Magic Mushrooms

Introducing the super rare A+ Avery’s Albino Strain of shroom. Very strong – not for first-timers. Reviewers report strong visual and euphoric effects.

Avery’s are rare because they’re tough to grow. They’re a shorter breed with thick stems and large caps.

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14 grams, 28 grams, 7 grams


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