Cali Cookie Premium Hemp Hashish

450 kr.1.900 kr.

Cali Cookie Premium Hemp Hashish

Cali Cookie is a soft pressed Dry Sift cake with a golden tone and heavenly aroma. It rises a potent scent of floral sweetness with clear tones of citrus from this hashish. She is light and soft like a Scanian gingerbread.

Comfortable and potent scent and a velvety surface. Our brightest hashish is a tribute to the west coast quality.

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Cali Cookie Premium Hemp Hashish

The kiep that this hashish is made of is rich in the unusual cannabinoid CBDV which is well suited to use in manufacturing as it has high viscosity which gives the product a handy agility. The texture of the hashish is like a classic hashish of the type pollen/polm/flower. CBDV correlates genetically with unusual terpenes which contributes to its unique scent

Total proportion of undekarboxyled cannabinoids: 27.45%

This product contains 100% legal EU certified hemp.
This product is an agricultural raw material that may only be used for aromatic or decorative use.
Extra, preparation or portion dosage or similar handling is not allowed under Danish drug law.

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