Buy Goldbar 420 Forbidden Fruit Hash 10g

450 kr.

Goldbar 420 Forbidden Fruit Hash

CBD 25%

THC 1%
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Goldbar 420 Forbidden Fruit Hash

The latest production is a mixture of late harvests extracted under the dry sift process. A 100% Natural CBD Forbidden Fruit Hash from Goldbar420, the Forbidden fruit hash is a brand-specific recipe and produced in a limited edition, only 20kg have been harvested.

A fatty Cbd hash, caramel color, one of the CBD hashes that is very representative of what we have to share, a diversity of flavors and there, we called it exotic because it is a fatty Cbd hash, sparkling at the same time , a flavor concentrate of several late flowers extracted together.

On the terpene side, it’s strong in fruit, it smells good, it’s powerful, a resin only composed of trichomes that leave long notes of cannabis.

The extraction of the best 100% natural and Swiss CBD Exotic pollen, premium quality, carried out locally in the Goldbar420 production premises in order to share control and traceability with you over our entire range of CBD hash.

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