Herba di Berna Charas CBD Hash 10g

400 kr.

Herba di Berna Charas CBD Hash 10g

CBD 24%

THC 0.7%
CBG 1.2%
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Herba di Berna Charas CBD Hash 10g

Hashish is available in various varieties and colors, and these characteristics can provide information about its origin. Black hashish, also known as “charas”, is generally from Afghanistan, India, or Nepal. Unlike other types of hashish that are produced by sieving or tapping the pollen from dried plants, charas is obtained by rubbing the resin from live growing plants. After rubbing, the hash has a green color that becomes black after long kneading during processing. Herba di Berna’s CBD Charas hash is very similar to the original and has a wide variety of delicious flavor notes. However, it is not organically grown.


The BIO Outdoor Pollen hash consists of trichomes from legal cannabis flowers with high CBD/CBG/CBN content and raw hemp extracts (crude oils). Texturising agents could be added to the resin to improve its look and feel.


Store your Charas hash in a cool and dry place, preferably away from light, in order to preserve its superior quality and maximize the product’s shelf life.

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