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298 kr.

Jack Wreck Cake Badder (Sativa)

Variety: Jack Wreck (Sativa Dominant Hybrid)

Strain: Jack Wreck 

Producer: 100% organic

THC level: 31%

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Jack Wreck Cake Badder (Sativa)

Jack Wreck is a sativa strain created through the insanely powerful cross of the hugely popular Jack Herer X Trainwreck strain. This celebrity child boasts an almost overpowering THC level that ranges between 26%-31% and an insanely potent combination of effects from both of its parent strains. Jack Wreck’s intense high starts out dreamily with an energetic motivated buzz reminiscent of its Jack Herer parent. This buzz is felt in the forehead and eyes before suddenly spreading throughout the body and zapping the mind with heavy psychedelic cerebral activity characteristic of it Trainwreck parent.

This high leaves you insanely uplifted and energetic for hours on end, making it a perfect daytime strain. Because of these effects and its powerful THC, Jack Wreck is perfect for treating chronic pain, appetite loss, inflammation, and depression. These buds have medium-sized arrowhead-shaped murky green nugs with fiery orange hairs and a completely frosty layer of fine white sandy trichomes. Jack Wreck has a classic aroma pulled from its Jack Herer parentage, with notes of sweet lemon pine and a taste of earthy lemon pine that sweetens upon exhale.

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Jack Wreck Cake Badder,Jack Wreck Cake Badder,Jack Wreck Cake Badder


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