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Limoncello is something for all serious citrus-lover! Lemon peel and yuzu meet sustained sweetness and create magic. If you once smelled on Limoncello, it is in memory for life. Really unique and invigorating terpen profile, with clear features of turpinolene, limonene and lemon elol. The bids are tight and elongated, as in a sativa-like structure. Top class!

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These flowers are developed by Federico and his competent employees in the Piedmont Region in Italy. The plants are grown in greenhouses without artificial lighting, with only the sun as a light source. The plants are harvested and dried throughout the bushes hanging up and down with the cover blades left. This means that drying takes twice as long with the result that we get a higher terpen content and lighter color on the bid.

The flowers are then picked from the bush and trimmed by hand, after which they are cured for 6 weeks. Federico likes to leave some sugar sheets left on the bids to protect them and give them a natural look. It is completely in our style. Only organic nutrition is used and of course no pesticides or the like. Superior quality.

17.23% Total Percentage of Oderkabxylated cannabinoids, of which below 0.2% THC
This product contains 100% legal EU certified hemp.
This product is an agricultural raw material that may only be used for aromatic or decorative use.
Extra, preparation or portion dosage or similar handling is not allowed under Danish drug law.

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