Pink Runtz Seeds For Sale

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Indulge in Sweet Bliss with Pink Runtz Seeds – Premium Cannabis Strain

Pink Runtz seeds produce medium-sized, vigorous plants. They offer excellent yields when grown in optimal conditions and they will look stunning in any grow space. Flowers are sticky with a thick layer of resin and you might even see some pink or purple tones in some phenos. Pink Runtz weed has a high THC level of 26% and a balanced genetic profile of indica and sativa.

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Pink Runtz Seeds Strain and its Famous Parents: Gelato, Zkittlez and Pink Panties

You can’t go wrong when you put together three cannabis superstars, so you can expect a lot from Pink Runtz. This variety certainly doesn’t disappoint, with its 26% THC and sweet, fruity terpene profile, it’s got a lot to offer. The genetic background of this plant is very impressive, with parent strains Gelato, Zkittlez and Pink Panties, each of which brings lots of desirable traits to the table. Is Pink Runtz indica or sativa? In fact, it contains 50% indica and 50% sativa genetics, thus Pink Runtz weed produces long-lasting, happy effects.

Aromas and Flavours of Pink Runtz Seeds

This cannabis strain will please all those who enjoy highly aromatic weed. Pink Runtz weed strain packs a sweet, candy-like fragrance of fruit, particularly tropical pineapple. When you take a couple of tokes, you’ll feel the uplifting, energising effects of these delicious flowers. The high lasts for hours and it’s excellent when enjoyed at a social gathering. You’re sure to spend a great deal of time laughing and chatting with friends.

Growing Characteristics of Pink Runtz Seeds

Pop these seeds into soil and you will be impressed by their vigour and yield potential. Plants tend to reach medium heights of 100–150cm indoors where they take 8–9 weeks to complete flowering. When reared outside, Pink Runtz strain usually peaks at 180cm and is ready to harvest in mid-October. Results are highly satisfying, amounting to 425–475g/m² indoors or 450–500g per plant outside.

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