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10 Ways Cannabis Could Enhance Your Sex Life

As I write this, I wonder, “who needs 10 ways to enhance their sex life? Does anyone really need more than, say, three?

But, there is some debate about whether cannabis is good or bad for your sex life. So, let’s come up with a checklist.

10 ways cannabis could enhance your sex life

“Could” may be the operative word. It always implies the opposite, “could not.” So, take the plunge:

1. Uninhibited: Setting aside medical purposes, cannabis will relax you. If you choose your strain carefully, you get the right balance of high and soothe. Using the right strain for you will reduce your social anxiety and sexual restraint. That’s a particular plus for those who suffer from chronic anxiety or social anxiety disorder.

Reducing your inhibitions may also free you to try sexual practices or positions you would otherwise be reluctant to try. But, responsible people should also comply with evolving understanding of sexual consent.

2. Risk: That same loss of inhibitions presents a double-edged sword. In feeling free to have sex or try something new, you risk opting for unsafe sex. Reduced inhibitions might prompt users to skip contraception in favor of enhanced pleasure.

There can be psychological and physical pleasure in risk-taking, but there is a risk, indeed. If the cannabis stone creates an “anything goes” climate, you are trading romance for excitement, and you are in jeopardy of forcing the sex. One study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine reports, “Frequent cannabis use is associated with higher numbers of sexual partners for both men and women.”

3. More: Sex under the influence of cannabis may lead to more sex under the influence. A new study finds that cannabis users have sex 20% more frequently than those who don’t use.

Now, given the frequency of premature orgasm and erectile dysfunction in men who use regularly, that added frequency may not be a measure of quality. Since cannabis is likely to prolong the sex act because of delayed male orgasm, that can be good news for many partners.

4. Touching: Cannabis enhances your sensory perception. It can improve your tactile experience where touching and stoking become more sensual and worth prolonging.

With an added rush of sensation, massage doubles its pleasure. Depending on the strain, you can experiment to optimize this part of the experience. It’s not just being more touchy-feely; rather, it’s a tantric enhancement, a psycho-physical pleasure on its own.

5. Alcohol-free: Booze can make you think you’re the lover of the year. It can make you foo you into a lot of things, including big mistakes.

You’re not going to have a hangover with cannabis. You won’t be puking and miserable the morning after your “big romance.” Cannabis is much safer than alcohol and a lot more user-friendly for you and your partner. But, mixing cannabis and alcohol risks all your plans.

6. Communication: Cannabis will improve your mood, and some strains will make you chatty. It’s just as likely to help you talk during sex, coaching your partner or expressing your pleasure.

With inhibitions reduced, you should be more comfortable narrating what you like and what you want. When partners open up about sex, they keep the focus on the shared aspects of pleasures they would not routinely discuss.

7. Solo: When cannabis enhances your creativity and imagination, it also improves your sexual fantasies, a boost for enhanced masturbation.

Again, depending on the strain, cannabis will help you focus, accent the physical sensation, and enrich the fantasy and orgasm.

8. Emotion: Love is the emotion you may or may not attach to sexual activities. And, cannabis can spark or inflame that passion where each partner is willing to be open and trusting. No one dominates relationships practiced in emotional sharing.

Relieved to discuss sex more openly, you have a better understanding of consent and boundaries. If you are caring, you must know which buttons you can push and which you can’t without costing you the relationship.

9. Intense: Cannabis may affect your sense of time and space. As it does, your sexual endurance improves, and your orgasms take longer.

Part of that results from the physical effects, and part from the sense that things take longer. So, even if you orgasm as usual, you think it took longer. You become a legend in your own mind.

10. Aphrodisiac: An aphrodisiac increases your desire to have sex. It doesn’t necessarily make it better, but it increases your wish and will to engage.

Cannabis can do that, too. There are documented reports of cannabis use as an aphrodisiac dating to ancient times, but history offers no guarantee. Still, you do know THC triggers the flow of dopamine and the “bliss molecule” anandamide. And, that’s a positive prime condition for healthy sex.

Ways cannabis could enhance your sex life

No two people react to cannabis the same way. No two strains produce the same result. No two people agree on what sex should or could be.

So, you are left to consider the science. Low to mild doses of cannabis appear to improve sexual experiences. The cannabis seems to prolong the duration and intensity of orgasms for men and women. And, the cannabis produces an environment conducive to communication and sharing.

Science also shows that high and frequent dosing contributes to erectile dysfunction, female discomfort, and loss of sexual interest.

So, when you decide to experiment with cannabis strains, you might start with a short list recommended by Royal Queen Seeds: Kali Dog, Shining Silver Haze, Sour Diesel, Skunk #1, and Blue Cheese. Most of these are Sativa-dominant hybrids, and no one is making any promises.

But, you must admit sex and cannabis make for an interesting testing challenge.

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