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7 Benefits Of Cannabis For Athletes

What can’t cannabis do? It relieves stress, treats pain, helps insomnia, provides relief for cancer patients and now it can even help you excel at your favorite sport. More and more professional athletes are being open about cannabis use and the ways they’ve benefitted from it. Every week there’s a new story about a retired athlete opening or investing in a new cannabis business. People tend to think of cannabis as either recreational (I want to get high) or medical (this brings me relief from symptoms), but cannabis is merely a tool. How you use its benefits is entirely up to you! The more you know about cannabis, the more situations you’ll find it can help. Here’s why serious athletes are so hyped about using cannabis:

  1. It relieves monotony. Professional athletes train a lot. Take a marathon runner, for example. That person runs tremendous distances regularly to build up endurance and strength. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a gorgeous park to run in, running the same course or two over and over can get routine. Cannabis gives you a new mindset every time you use it. If your routine has become boring, try a couple of hits before you start and enjoy a fresh perspective!
  2. It stops aches and pains. There’s no disputing cannabis’ pain-relieving properties. From scientific research to anecdotal evidence from people who regularly use it for chronic pain, more and more people are turning to cannabis instead of addictive, expensive pharmaceuticals.
  3. It improves focus. So much of success in sports comes down to proper form. Whether it’s weightlifting or golf, small improvements in your form can make a huge difference in your results. The focus provided by cannabis can allow you to tune into these small things and adjust. You may find that you’re less distracted and easily able to hone in on all the little details.
  4. It improves digestion. Problems processing food can be a common problem in athletes, especially those involved in competition. Athletes require a lot of calories to create the energy they use so rapidly but eating before events can be a problem for those with nervous stomachs. A little cannabis can improve your appetite and aid in digestion, making it easier to eat a healthy meal when you need it most.
  5. It helps muscles recover. When you’ve pushed your muscles to the limit, they need time to recover. Cannabis is an anti-inflammatory as well as an analgesic and can help tired muscles recover faster between workouts.
  6. It improves exercise-induced asthma. A lesser-known medicinal property of the cannabis plant is that it’s a bronchodilator. That means that it can actually improve airflow for those suffering from breathing disorders like asthma. Although smoking cannabis is probably not recommended for asthmatics, vaping or edibles are excellent choices for delivery.
  7. It increases enjoyment. Let’s face it, cannabis makes pretty much everything better. The psychoactive effects can make colors brighter, flavors more intense, and tactile sensations more powerful! It can take your mind to new places, generate new ideas and inspire creative thinking. With a little cannabis before you train, you may find that you enjoy your workouts more than ever. Just because.

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