Floralpes Moon Rock Special Moonrocks 10g

410 kr.

Floralpes Moon Rock Special Moonrocks

CBD 55%

THC 0.4%
CBG 0.9%
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Floralpes Moon Rock Special Moonrocks

Discover the MoonRock Special CBD of the Floralpes brand, a product known for its high concentration of CBD and its high-end side. A MoonRock or Lunar Rock is a CBD flower coated with CBD hemp oil, then sprinkled with CBD pollen. This product therefore has a very high CBD content that sometimes approaches 55%. Let yourself be tempted by an exceptional product directly inspired by recreational cannabis, but without any of the psychoactive effects, only a quick and effective relaxation effect.

MoonRock by Floralpes offers unique notes and enchanting flavors of hemp. Find a complex taste of hemp that is permanently in balance between sweetness and freshness, between herbaceous and spicy. Give your body and mind an almost instant rest with MoonRock’s powerful CBD effects that will bring you calm and comfort. It is the perfect CBD product to help you fight chronic pain or to help you get a good muscle recovery.

Moonrocks are powerful CBD flowers, very concentrated in CBD, and are thus reserved for the regular and informed consumers.

CBD: 55%.
THC: 0.37%.

MoonRock by Floralpes has intense and raw hemp CBD flavors.

The MoonRock of Floralpes has a sandy aspect because of the pollen which covers it, once opened, one finds a heart with a flower of hemp.

The intake of MoonRock of Floralpes causes soothing and relaxing effects thanks to its high concentration in CBD. Recommended for people suffering from sleep disorders or wanting to help reduce a state of stress.

MoonRock by Floralpes is a premium product with a very high concentration. It is adapted to the regular consumers of the CBD which know how to appreciate a product so complex.

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