Crumble CBD 90% Wax, Crumble & Shatter

200 kr.

Crumble CBD 90% Wax, Crumble & Shatter

CBD 90%

THC 0.2%
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Crumble CBD 90% Wax, Crumble & Shatter

“Conrumble 90% is a CBD crumble developed by Cancon. It is a full spectrum product, highly concentrated in cannabinoids, especially CBD, with levels of 90%.

Cancon’s crumble is versatile and can be consumed in different ways: by vaping, dabbing or also sublingually, by placing a small amount under the tongue. Please note that the consumption of CBD by ingestion is not allowed in Switzerland.

Its main characteristic is the speed with which its effects are felt. Concrumble is one of the tastiest forms of CBD available, as it contains a high content of natural terpenes. The texture of CBD crumble is softer and more malleable than shatter and drier than wax, somewhat resembling Feta cheese.

The CBD content is over 90%, but the crumble contains only 0.2% THC, making it completely legal in Switzerland and throughout Europe.

This product is made from flowers grown indoors in an environmentally friendly way and follows most of the guidelines of organic farming (but is not labelled).”


Cannabis Sativa hemp extracts


Store your CBD crumble away from direct sunlight in a dry place with little temperature variation.


CBD crumble is not suitable for oral consumption (in Denmark).

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