Green Kief (CBD: 12.15%)

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Dive into Purity with Green Kief CBD (CBD: 12.15%)

Green Kief is carefully sourced from hand-picked Cannabis with an intense aromatic profile of herbal and piney notes. This CBD hashish is of light green colour and its terpene combination is characterized by earthy and pungent accents. It is produced by dry-sieving the CBD flowers, allowing only the finest pollen to be filtered and separated. This process gives it a soft, malleable texture, while its typical yellow hue is obtained through light cold pressing. Expect further notes of fruity and citric cannabis that contribute to a balanced and complex scent.

CBD: 1.81%
CBDA: 11.80 %
THC: 0.14 %
THCA: 0.06 %
CBC: 0.05 %
CBG: 0.27 %
CBN: 0.04 %

TOTAL CBD: 12.15%
TOTAL THC: 0.19 %

Info: Cold-pressed pollen hasish.

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Dive into Purity: Green Kief CBD Infused (CBD: 12.15%)

Immerse yourself in the verdant essence of Green Kief, a CBD-infused marvel with a delicate 12.15% CBD content. Find gentle elevation and serenity in every pinch, crafted with precision from nature’s finest harvest. Dive into purity with Green Kief CBD for a tranquil and balanced CBD experience.

Verdant Essence: Immerse Yourself in Green Kief’s Purity

Immerse yourself in the verdant essence of Green Kief, a CBD-infused marvel with a delicate 12.15% CBD content. Capturing the essence of lush greenery, each pinch of Green Kief promises a pure and unadulterated CBD experience. Let the vibrant, earthy tones transport you to a realm of tranquility, where the purity of Green Kief becomes a beacon of relaxation and holistic well-being.

Gentle Elevation: Find Serenity in Green Kief’s CBD Touch

Find serenity in the gentle elevation provided by Green Kief and its balanced 12.15% CBD infusion. This finely crafted kief allows you to explore a world of subtle relaxation, providing a mild elevation that complements various activities. Whether unwinding after a long day or enhancing a creative pursuit, Green Kief’s gentle elevation is your passport to a harmonious blend of calm and inspiration.

Nature’s Finest Harvest: Harvested and Crafted with Precision

Delight in nature’s finest harvest with Green Kief, meticulously harvested and crafted with precision. The process ensures a product that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Every gram of Green Kief is a testament to the commitment to purity, providing a CBD experience that mirrors the natural harmony found in the untouched landscapes from which it originates.

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