Copenhagen Haze (CBD: 13.97%)

70 kr.

Copenhagen Haze (CBD: 13.97%)

Earthy notes of lemons and citrus dominate this strain, giving it an unmistakably complex aroma. Its aroma possesses a comparable character to Lemoncello, albeit more profound and intricate. Vibrant large-sized buds with abundant orange trichomes, an impressive sight.

Made in Italy by the hydroponically method on coconut fiber in a controlled environment.

CBD: 2.78 %
CBDA: 12.76 %
THC: 0.17 %
THCA: 0.05 %
CBC: 0.06 %
CBG: 0.17 %
CBN: 0.00 %

TOTAL CBD: 13.97 %
TOTAL THC: 0.21 %

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Copenhagen Haze CBD Flower: A Tranquil Escape with 13.97% Bliss

Indulge in nature’s tranquility with Copenhagen Haze CBD Flower. Crafted with precision and care, this premium strain offers a 13.97% CBD content for a truly elevated wellness experience. Unwind and embrace the calming embrace of Copenhagen Haze.

Embrace Tranquility with Copenhagen Haze:

Discover the soothing allure of Copenhagen Haze CBD Flower, where nature’s tranquility meets premium quality. Immerse yourself in the calming embrace of this carefully cultivated strain, crafted to provide a truly serene experience. Unwind and let Copenhagen Haze take you on a journey to tranquility.

Elevate Your Wellness Routine:

With a CBD content of 13.97%, Copenhagen Haze is more than just a flower – it’s a wellness companion. Elevate your daily routine by incorporating this premium CBD strain. Experience a sense of calm and relaxation that enhances your overall well-being, making each moment a peaceful escape.

Crafted with Precision and Care:

Our Copenhagen Haze CBD Flower is cultivated with meticulous precision and care, ensuring the highest quality. Grown in optimal conditions, each bud is a testament to our commitment to delivering a premium CBD experience. Trust in the quality of Copenhagen Haze for a truly refined and enjoyable CBD journey.

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