Herba di Berna Kief Bio CBD Pollen 10G For Sale

395 kr.

Herba di Berna Kief Bio CBD Pollen

CBD 20%

THC 0.7%
CBG 0.4%
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Herba di Berna Kief Bio CBD Pollen

The production of pollen dates back to an ancient tradition originating in India. To produce pollen, mechanical friction is used, which means that hemp plants are rubbed in drums called pollinators, which resemble washing machines, to separate the resin-rich trichomes and cannabinoids from the rest of the plant. Then, these trichomes are pressed into plates.
The hash variety called Kief Bio Indoor Pollen from Herba di Berna has a soft and light texture because it has not been intentionally pressed. These plants have been organically grown indoors using the “Cannatonic” strain, which has a taste reminiscent of sweet berries with a spicy citrus touch. This variety is ideal for processing.


The Kief BIO Indoor Pollen hash consists of trichomes from legal cannabis flowers with high CBD/CBG/CBN content and raw hemp extracts (crude oils). Texturising agents could be added to the resin to improve its look and feel.


Store your Kief BIO Indoor Pollen hash in a cool and dry place, preferably away from light, in order to preserve its superior quality and maximize the product’s shelf life.

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