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Slow Weed White Russian CBD Hash

CBD 28%

THC 0.7%
CBG 0.5%
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Slow Weed White Russian CBD Hash

Thanks to its flowers rich in odorous and sticky resin, the variety White Russian of at Slow Weed is undoubtedly the most suitable to produce resins such as Kief, Hash and Charas. The result is a resinous and sticky product with powerful and versatile properties.

Slow Weed uses environmentally friendly growing methods to cultivate CBD cannabis in Switzerland. Permaculture is used by following the lunar calendar to ensure a balanced ecosystem between the hemp plants, herbs, flowers and selected spices, in order to control pests and diseases while attracting beneficial insects. This 100% natural approach eliminates the use of synthetic chemicals and preserves the health of the soil. The flowers are carefully dried in a controlled environment, then hand-cut and left to rest for several months. Thanks to this careful treatment process and a special microclimate, the flowers have an exceptional terpene profile that fully releases their aromas.


White Russian hash is made from legal cannabis flower trichomes with a high CBD/CBG/CBC content, extracted from raw hemp. Texturing agents may have been added to the resin to improve its look and feel.


Store your White Russian hash in a cool, dry place, away from light if possible, in order to preserve the high quality and maximize the shelf life of the product.

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Slow Weed White Russian CBD Hash,Slow Weed White Russian CBD Hash,Slow Weed White Russian CBD Hash


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