Purple Cookie Crunch

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Purple Cookie Crunch

Purple Cookie Crunch is some wonderful purple and green fragrant cookies. We have two phenotypes here, one green and one purple, of which it is predominantly of the purple in the bag. She has well -developed orange pistils and is generously sprinkled by tricomas. The bids are pleasantly fluffy and at the same time compact. Notable after a tour in the gate.

We would like to call it a hybrid with predominantly features of Indica based on terpenes and appearance, Total Appearance.

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Purple Cookie Crunch

The scent of PCC is complex and contains distinct and sometimes surprising tones that after all marry in a balanced unit. Basic notes of vanilla and tobacco meet a sweetness reminiscent of dark berries, bananas and creamy cream. At the top of the scent profile we meet sour notes, which can be described as apple and immature peach.

Dominant Terpens: Beta Caryophyllene, Myrcene.

15.80% Total Percentage of Oderkabxylated Cannabinoids, of which below 0.2% THC

This product contains 100% legal EU certified hemp.
This product is an agricultural raw material that may only be used for aromatic or decorative use.
Extra, preparation or portion dosage or similar handling is not allowed under Danish drug law.

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