Varin Kush

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Varin Kush

Finally, here comes the first harvest of the year from our dear partners in Italy. This exquisite hemp flower is cultivated and developed by the same team that is behind our favorites Varin Haze and Strawberry CBG. We are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to present these unique flowers to you.

Wow! So we just say wow! This is one of the most beautiful our eyes seen for a long time. Extremely well -grown tight nugs in skirt and sparkling green color with delicious orange pistils. It really screams quality about these bids.

The scent is mild, can be described as a dimmed gassiness with sour elements. Cherries, grapefruit, wood shavings, walnuts and dark berries are words that give a hint of the complex scent.

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Varin Kush

This flower is rich in both CBD and CBDV, and also has relatively high levels of CBC. Cannabidivarin (CBDV) is a rare and interesting natural cannabinoid that we have the honor to present in yet another form. Through our far -reaching collaboration with our partners, we have exclusive access to this and other products, which we are therefore alone in being able to offer.

These amazing flowers are grown at high altitude in the Alps. They are grown as clones in greenhouses with darkening function. No pesticides or other toxins are used in production.

15.10% Total Percentage of Oderkabxylated Cannabinoids, of which below 0.2% THC

This product contains 100% legal EU certified hemp.
This product is an agricultural raw material that may only be used for aromatic or decorative use.
Extra, preparation or portion dosage or similar handling is not allowed under Danish drug law.

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Varin Kush,Varin Kush,Varin Kush,Varin Kush

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