Sunrocks (CBD: 63.90%)

95 kr.

Bask in Radiance with Sunrocks CBD (CBD: 63.90%)

Derived from Moonrock, Sunrock’s principle is the same concept as Moonrock, except that it is dipped only in hemp oil and CBD crystal, not pollen. As a result, its appearance is white instead of green. Crystal is the purest derivative on the cannabidiol market, Sunrock contains no less than 60 percent CBD, making it a highly concentrated product priced for its quality. Like Moonrock, the buds transform and look like small pebbles. Top-quality buds, harvested when ripe and then dried with just the right amount of moisture to retain maximum cannabinoids, terpenes, and aroma.

CBD: 11.21 %
CBDA: 60.09 %
THC: 0.03 %
THCA: 0.18 %
CBC: 0.02 %
CBG: 0.22 %
CBN: 1.06 %

TOTAL CBD: 63,90 %
TOTAL THC: 0.18 %

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Bask in Radiance: Sunrocks CBD Infused (CBD: 63.90%)

Experience a golden glow with Sunrocks, a CBD-infused treasure boasting an impressive 63.90% CBD content. Reach new heights of euphoria with its elevated CBD concentration. Immerse yourself in craftsmanship at its zenith, where impeccable quality meets divine taste. Elevate your CBD experience with Sunrocks.

Golden Glow: Soak in the Brilliance of Sunrocks CBD

Embark on a journey of golden glow with Sunrocks, a CBD-infused treasure boasting an impressive 63.90% CBD content. Like rays of sunlight captured in each nugget, Sunrocks promises a radiant experience that envelops you in the brilliance of high-quality CBD. Bask in the glow of wellness as you indulge in these meticulously crafted Sunrocks, each nugget a testament to the mastery of CBD infusion.

Elevated Euphoria: Reach New Heights with High CBD Concentration

Reach new heights of euphoria with Sunrocks and its unparalleled 63.90% CBD concentration. Each nugget is a journey into elevated bliss, where the potent CBD content ensures a deeply satisfying experience. Unwind and relax as you savor the rich, earthy notes of Sunrocks, letting the high CBD concentration transport you to a state of serene euphoria.

Craftsmanship at its Zenith: Impeccable Quality in Every Nugget

Experience craftsmanship at its zenith with Sunrocks, where impeccable quality meets divine taste. Each nugget is a work of art, carefully curated to deliver a consistent and delightful CBD experience. From the moment you open the package to the final exhale of satisfaction, Sunrocks showcases the pinnacle of CBD-infused perfection, setting a new standard for those who seek the finest in CBD indulgence.

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